Hero Reports

Salvador Gómez-Cólon, Light and Hope for Puerto Rico
Hero Report: Ana Sophia Mifsud, RMI
Lesein Mutunkei, Trees4Goals
Iris Zhan, Fridays for Future Digital, Sunrise Movement

Shreya KC, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action

Xiye Bastida, Re-Earth Initiative

Aadya Joshi, The Right Green

Carmen Perez, Gathering for Justice

Daniela Fernandez, Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Ed Begley, Jr

Lilly Platt, Lilly’s Plastic Pickup

James Ellsmoor, Island Innovation

Fridays For Future, Global Climate Strike

Illai Kenney, HBCU Green Fund

Vihaan & Nav Agarwal, One Step Greener

Autumn Peltier, Chief Water Commissioner – Anishinabek Nation

Vanessa Nakate, Young Heroes Fund

Mitzi Tan, Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines
Scott Warren, Generation Citizen

Jamie Margolin: This Is Zero Hour

Jerome Foster II: OneMillionofUs