Sustainability Is Fun

An Opportunity to Give Back - via Zoom!!
Demi Weitz, Co-Founder of Quarantunes in Los Angeles

Demi had imagined that her 17th birthday would be quite different from what it turned out to be. The COVID-19 pandemic got in the way of her party plans, so instead her father organized a Zoom party for her, with some recording artists he was friends with. This gave Demi an idea: why not organize Zoom concerts to benefit charities? This was the start of Quarantunes, and the beginning of an amazing success story. With her fundraising work, in a very short period of time Demi has raised almost $3 million for pandemic relief efforts, to benefit low-income populations particularly affected by the pandemic and by climate change. “It has been really great to connect to people, to have the chance to shed light on crucial issues and raise awareness this way,” she says. “When you strip everything else away, the whole purpose of this is just to help.”