Sustainability Is Fun

Changemaking from the Nation’s Capital

Jerome Foster grew up near our nation’s capital. “I always understood what BLM (Black Lives Matter), women’s rights, and other mainstream social justice movements were about,” he says. “But I never realized that these had anything to do with climate change. And when I did, I decided to do something about it.” In 2017 he founded The Climate Reporter, a collection of writing by international youth about climate change, global warming, environmental justice, and other sustainability issues around the world. This environmental news site now receives roughly 600,000 views a month. In 2019, Jerome also organized the DC chapter of the worldwide youth movement, School Strikes for Climate. To show her support for the Global Climate Strikes, Greta Thunberg traveled for the very first time by sailboat from Europe to New York, and then went on to Washington D.C. to join with Jerome in increasing media attention to the issue.