Sustainability Is Fun

We Will Rock This!
Linus Dolder, Fridays for Future International in Germany and Switzerland

Linus Dolder has been an environmentalist from an early age — he used to organize bake sales with his friends to raise money for environmental organizations. But he soon realized that wasn’t enough. So when the Fridays for Future movement started, he decided to organize a strike in his hometown, and to his surprise he and his friends gathered a crowd of 800 people. “We all felt so empowered, because we just put tons of effort in,” Linus said. “We got them to come here, we got them to raise their voices. It felt so great!” Soon, he started to organize even bigger events, and he joined the international movement of climate strikers. “With good campaigning and smart strategic moves, we’re actually able to change some things,” Linus said. “I doubt there’s anything at the moment that makes me happier.”