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Carrying on His Grandfather’s Legacy

“When you bring people together who believe in something very strongly, good things can happen,” Cesar Chavez’s grandfather had taught him. Cesar saw how hard his grandfather worked; how he brought people together; and how never gave up trying to create a better world for the migrant farmworkers who brought grapes and other food to the tables of their fellow Americans. Cesar also saw how his grandfather never let the negativity of others affect his ability to spread peace and goodwill. “There is enough love in our movement to give us energy, and still have plenty left over to change the climate of hate and fear around us,” he said. As a teenager, Cesar helped his father set up a radio station to inform migrant workers of their rights, and let them know about services that were available to them. Today he shares his grandfather’s message in communities across California. “My grandfather inspired me to dedicate my life to helping others in any way I can,” he says. “He was our pine tree, and we are his forest.”