Sustainability Is Fun

Care for the Circle of Life
Lilly Platt, Founder of Lilly's Plastic Pick Up in the Netherlands

When Lilly Platt was six years old, she took a walk with her grandfather one day and was horrified to count 91 pieces of trash in just a 20-minute walk. She was even more upset when she learned that the plastic trash that ends up in the ocean not only pollutes the water but also kills marine animals. She set out on a mission to fight plastic pollution and protect the ocean that has led to her becoming one of the youngest, most well-known environmentalists in the world. “My hope is that people will finally realize that we should never take our planet for granted,” Lilly says. “Our planet is one in a billion, billion trillion. That’s a one followed by 33 zeros! People really need to know that our planet is sacred, and we need to take care of it. Who’s with me?”