Sustainability Is Fun

Healthier Skin with True Botanicals
Hillary Peterson Founder of True Botanicals in California

Growing up just outside of Los Angeles, Hillary Peterson was aware of the role toxic environments could have on one’s health. She remembers the smog that always lingered over the city. “It was so bad we couldn’t play sports outside after school. I’d go home and have to stay inside.” When she was 32, Hillary was diagnosed with cancer. And when she learned that the toxic chemicals found in women’s personal care products were being found in their babies’ blood, she was furious. “How could the beauty industry be selling products with these toxins in them to the people they were claiming to want to help look and feel better?” she says. Her response was to start True Botanicals—a sustainable organic cosmetics enterprise. With its rigorous dedication to using organic ingredients and processes, True Botanicals has become a guidepost for the cosmetics industry, leading toward a more sustainable future. Laura Dern has used her platform as an actress to champion important environmental issues, including organic cosmetics. She has helped guide True Botanicals “with all the dynamism I could have expected, and more,” says Hillary.